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In the modern world e-signature has rapidly become an inevitable part of the enterprise automated procedures. It enables to save time and effort while validating your forms. possibly you also think to become a part of the huge electronic signature mainstream.

So, if you are looking to get a tool that will answer the question how to esign a pdf you should use the a really robust, intuitive and totally free system, that may help you validate the documents in seconds.

Stick to the guidelines and understand how to esign a pdf:

  1. Open the template in just two available ways: upload it or drag and drop it.
  2. Wait until it opens.
  3. Fill in your name and surname. It will likely be modified to the file style.
  4. type a signature, or scan it and upload to the document. It will be positioned and resized accordingly.
  5. Opt either to save the template, or download, or export it to the cloud storage.

If you are using any specific Operating system there is absolutely no need to bother how to esign a pdf on It works with all the major platforms and is available on personal computers and mobiles. You can actually use it on the go, without additional computer software. Basically make sure your device is connected to the Internet.

Do not waste your time and expenses, employ a convenient and intuitive-to-use option which will guarantee fast and safe e-signing on any device and| at any place.

Video instructions and help with how to esign a pdf

Instructions and Help about how to esign a pdf

[Music] hi this is Lance from resident band and today I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how to sign PDF documents electronically if for some reason you don't know what resident band is please check out our youtube channel at to sign the document click in the signature box that will open a window which asks you which digital ID you want to use to sign the document with up here there's an option to use your existing digital ID but I'm assuming that you don't have one which is why you're watching this tutorial so


How valid is a PDF document that I signed on my computer (image of my signature) vs my actual signature on the printed document?

Although every state has passed laws that involve e-signatures, under the federal ESIGN Act, your electronic signature on a .pdf is just as valid as your physical signature. The ESIGN Act provides that a contract or signature “may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.” This simple statement means that electronic signatures and records are just as good as their paper equivalents, and therefore subject to the same legal scrutiny of authenticity and burden of proof standards that apply to paper documents. So unless your signature was forged, given under duress, or you refused to sign via electronic means (or there's some other reason to invalidate the contract), the executed .pdf copy may be enforced against you.